Rhymoe and English Rhythm Movement

Rhymoe is an unique English Program which is combined rhythm, body movement, music and English.
We focus on the connection of English language rhythm and its sense of space, then we call English language rhythm as “Bouncing rhythm”. On the other hand, we call Japanese language rhythm as “Stomping rhythm”.
People listen / speak language with typical language rhythm body mode as they can perceive language rhythm through their body.
That means, we speak English in “Bouncing rhythm” body mode,
we speak Japanese in “Stomping rhythm” mode.

Our “English Rhythm Movement” method uses gross / fine motor movement connected with English “Bouncing rhythm”.
Instructor lead the attendees in a “Bouncing rhythm” body mode first, then sing / chant rhythmical English phrases and repeat.
That helps to learn English effectively, and to easy to remember.

Japanese speaking people have strong linguistic interference to English language, and they are struggling to listen / speak English.
To Learn “Bouncing rhythm” body mode is the key to listen / speak in English, especially for Japanese speaking people.

For more info, please refer the presentation slide below.
(Same slide is uploaded on SlideShare)